Tecnotree as an investment

Tecnotree as an investment

Tecnotree is a Finnish born digital solutions provider for telecom operators with over 40 years of deep domain knowledge, proven delivery and transformation capabilities recognized globally. Our BSS Suite 5.0 digital stack uses open source technology and comprises the full range of Business Support Solutions (BSS) for the telecom industry including customer, revenue, enterprise management and VAS services. With a vision of empowering digitally connected communities around the world, our cutting edge technology serves more than 65 operators in 70+ countries and supports digital ecosystems of over 800 million subscribers worldwide.

Why to invest in us?

A successful turnaround forms a strong foundation for growth

The successful ending of the restructuring program that started in 2016 is an important milestone but also a good sign of our improved financial position. Over the past five years, we have made significant structural changes to the business, and implemented a strategic operating model with an impressive turnaround in our financial performance.

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Good outlook for organic growth

The primary drivers of organic growth are telecom operators’ infrastructure and software investments especially in 5G. These, in turn, are driven by the revolution of the operators’ business models where operators are gradually converting from commmunication service providers to digital service providers. This increases the demand for BSS solutions that are at the core of our business. In addition, certain megatrends like the growth of digitalization and urbanization contribute positively to our organic growth outlook. This is underpinned by the fact that, majority of our net sales comes from emerging markets, where the underlying market is growing rapidly and technological requirements for the solutions are high.

Agile and efficient operating model

Our good organic growth in recent years together with our efficient operating model and strong focus on cost control has resulted in resilient profitability that provides a solid and scalable foundation for the coming years.

Long customer relationships and decades long operative history

Tecnotree has several decades long operative history with long lasting customer relationships with large clients. The business-critical nature of our solutions typically makes customer relationships long-lasting, but it is also a concrete proof of the value of our technology, the competitive deliveries of our solutions and the sustainable fulfillment of our customer promises. This, together with our strong product development capabilities and technologically competent solutions provides us with clear competitive advantages.


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