Business model

Business model

Tecnotree is a globally operating full-stack digital BSS provider with over 40 years of deep domain knowledge, proven delivery and transformation capabilities across the globe. We serve telecom operators with business-critical software solutions to manage current products, customers, and invoicing, to digitize the underlaying processes, and to enrich the value experienced by the customer.

Tecnotree’s digital products and services supports telecom operators globally in digital transformation journeys. Our business is based on product licenses, professional services for customization of our products, and maintenance and support services on products to a global customer base. We have solid industry and technology expertise within telecommunication sector, and with more than four decades of operative history and deep understanding of our customers’ businesses, we have a strong competitive advantage to serve the global telecom industry.

We aim for maintaining a steady stream of investments into product development . Successful product development creates a crucial base for the competitiveness of our product portfolio, for success in acquiring and keeping customers, and for creating shareholder value in the longer term. Product development initiatives have resulted in successful productization of our business and strengthened our customer relationships. Tecnotree’s long operative history and financial performance that has improved in recent years are good proof of the value of our technology and thus of mastering product development work.

Customers worldwide

Over the past few years, we have proven both the efficiency of our operating model and our technology competitiveness. In 2022, Tecnotree’s net sales was EUR 71.6 million and operating profit EUR 17.2 million.

We have ten product development and sales offices on five continents and at the end of 2022, we employed over 857 people. We have a strong footprint in developing markets such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, serving more than 800 million subscribers worldwide and supporting more than 65 operators or CSPs worldwide.

Geographical distribution of net sales 2023

BSS Suite 5 service platform create value through the value chain

The spearhead of our offering is the Digital BSS Suite 5 service platform. The Digital BSS Suite 5 service platform consists of several different digital BSS solutions that practically cover all of our customers’ core processes, which means that our product portfolio covers all key business management systems of telecom operators in all their life cycle stages. Therefore, the BSS solutions play a vital role in our clients’ daily business operations. The BSS solution is utilized in our clients’ business development processes for example in instances when they aim to increase cost efficiency in their operations and make them more reactive and flexible.

Main elements of the BSS solutions

Product management

  • Support the customer's product planning and development

  • Enables integration of different product areas and makes the operator's pricing process more efficient

Income flow management

  • Main focus on invoicing, charging and support functions

  • Extremely business critical

  • Works also as a data collector

Order management

  • Enables integration of different service areas

  • Improves the efficiency of process flows and collects data

  • Lowers the cost per customer

Customer management

  • Creation of new services

  • Improving customer satisfaction

  • Crucial in terms of value creation

Tecnotree Moments creates new growth opportunities

Tecnotree Moments is a B2B 2X commerce engine that aims to create soft bundles of the best experiences across high-demand and high growth sectors, attracting partners across Education, Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, Health and Wellness, Fintech and IoT. It offers the conditions for building partner ecosystems and creating different earnings streams within the ecosystems. It is a business model in which independent operators focused on B2B and B2C functions join forces and look for new business opportunities. Earnings from the Tecnotree Moments platform can be based on transaction volumes between the different ecosystem members or on continuous services. In both cases, income streams are scalable in nature.

With Tecnotree Moments platform we hope to build new partnerships with communication and digital service providers, ecosystem players and internet of things (IOT) providers. We hope to introduce new revenue models and API frameworks to take advantage of the 5G roll-outs world-wide and forge new frontiers to empower digitally connected communities in the sectors of Education, Health, E-commerce, Gaming, Sports and Entertainment. Tecnotree Moments- partnerships have already been signed with MTN Nigeria and Dubai Sports Council.

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